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HanuKat rules in this wondrous place,
A land without time in an infinite space.


HanuKat offers a playful, interactive way for children, parents, grandparents and friends – both Jewish and non-Jewish - to celebrate Hanukkah and Passover. Everyone can appreciate and enjoy the "miracles" that come from loving and sharing, thinking and caring. It’s tradition!

First read the holiday stories.  Then explore the creative holiday activities, print and send HanuKat cards, indulge in holiday recipes, and more!

We're proud of the awards and acknowledgements we've received  including:

·         New York Times Learning Page – Site of the Day

·          Jewish.Com – Site of the Week 

·         Study Web – Award of Excellence 

·         Berit’s Best Sites for Kids – 5/5 star rating

·         Awesome Library – Editor's Choice 

Hanukkah begins sundown December 12, 2017





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And while we’re at it.  Here’s Adam’s #2!  Click Here


And, of course, the Original – from the Young Adam!  Click Here






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