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HanuKat and MatZebra's Passover Jokes

1. Where did HanuKat and MatZebra go to go dancing??
     A. To the Matzoh Ball!!

2. Why did the matzoh quit his job??
     A. Because he didn't get a raise!!

3. Who is HanuKat and MatZebra's favorite Passover singer??
     A. Elvis Parsley!!

4. Who is HanuKat and MatZebra's favorite Passover band??
     A. Matzoh Hoople!!

5. What is HanuKat and MatZebra's favorite place at school??
     A. The Plague-round!!

6. What's the difference between matzoh and cardboard??
     A. Cardboard doesn't leave crumbs in the rug!!

7. At Passover, what's black and white and red all over??
     A. MatZebra with horseradish on top!!

8. Why did HanuKat and MatZebra cross the street??
     A. They didn't have enough bread to take the bus!!

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