Hanukkah Activities

Join us in a HanuKat activity!  All activities are kid-appropriate but adults can enjoy them too.  Pick out one to do each night of Hanukkah.  You can choose either to view the activity online and then send to your printer, or to download an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file that can be printed. In general, the PDF file will produce a higher quality printout.

In addition to our Hanukkah activities below, remember to visit our Print Shop.  Print and send a HanuKat card to a friend! 

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Design Your Own DreiDell
Use this coloring sheet to add zigs, zags, and more to your own DreiDell.  A perfect classroom activity for younger children.

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Create a HanuKat Menorah
Cut out and fold these HanuKat and DreiDells.  Turn around and "light" one DreiDell each night of Hanukkah.

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HanuKat Fortune Teller
Cut out the fortune teller and fold per the instructions for your personal HanuKat fortune teller.

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HanuKat Dreidel
What Hanukkah would be complete without a HanuKat dreidel? 

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Do a "Color Your Own" black-and-white HanuKat Dreidel

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HanuKat Diorama
Turn your own shoe box into HanuKat's Dreamland!

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Do a "Color Your Own" black-and-white HanuKat Diorama

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HanuKat Origami 
Cut and fold your own HanuKat creation.

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HanuKat Coloring Pages 
Print and color your own HanuKat pages to decorate your room.

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HanuKat Game
What are those mischievous DreiDells up to?  Play the game.

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DreiDell Spinner
Help a DreiDell learn how to spin!

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Do a "Color Your Own" black-and-white DreiDell project

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HanuKat Dreamcatcher
Place this Dream Land dreamcatcher by your bed to ensure only joyful dreams.

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Do a "Color Your Own" black-and-white Dreamcatcher

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